❖ (Maybe they could meet pre-Avengers? Like before Clint captures Natalia, and she's still on the run, and Bruce is probably on his own somewhere)

He was in a fishing village in Vietnam, just a stop on his endless wandering across the globe as he tried to avoid being caught or found. As usual he was working as a doctor, treating the locals as best he could, accepting whatever they could afford as payment (usually a bit of money, or a dinner, or the promise of a favor).

The red hair caught his attention first, then the blood on her arm that she was obviously trying to keep covered. She was obviously trying to keep covered. Carefully he approached her, they were the market, he doubted she would pull anything too risky, anything enough to draw out the hulk. “I can take a look at that, get it wrapped up properly.”

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  1. directorromanoff said: Natasha wasn’t entirely sure where she was, but at least everyone seemed to be off her tail now. She was bleeding, but she could handle it; it wasn’t so bad. When a man approached her, she flinched, expecting him to be someone from SHIELD, or someone else after her. When he…
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