In my attempt to get my life back together, I’m trying to track down all my threads.

If you’re tagged, we had a thread, and I think you owe me and I haven’t heard from you in over like, 36 hours or something. So, if you’re still interested, message me or something.

So apologies in advance if I’m bothering anyone with this, or being whiny and annoying. If you wanted to drop the thread, that’s fine. If you want to start another one let me know and we can plot.

So yeah, sorry. Feel free to ignore this. 

  1. directorromanoff said: Sorry, I didn’t see this for a while! I’ve been really sporadically on the RP blog. I think I replied to both our threads, though, if you can find them?
  2. theagentofshield said: Pretty sure we dropped. Shall we start a new one?
  3. flewintotheice said: Did you see I updated Steve’s thread tracker? I only have one of our threads there… I thnk that’s all we have right now? I don’t even know. I’m so scatter brained right now.
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